Denver Restaurant Deals Under $25

If you’re looking to stretch your budget, but still want a nice evening out at a good restaurant, then you have a few dining deals to consider.

If you live in or near Aurora, then you may want to consider a Groupon offer for The Bent Noodle. The deal will net you a $30 dining credit for $20. The online reviews for The Bent Noodle are fair, with the restaurant getting a 3.5 on yelp & a 4 star rating on both Google & One comment that is common among the reviews is the large portion size given out by the restaurant.

Groupon also has a $20 credit for $14 deal for Tuk-Tuk Grill in Lakewood.  I’ve been to the Tuk-Tuk in the Tech Center many times as it was one of my favorite lunch spots. My co-workers loved the pad thai, but I always ordered the Combo fried rice. While I have never been to the Lakewood location, the menu appears to be the same.  This deal isn’t the best value dollar wise, but the food here is good.

In Colorado Springs, there is a Living Social deal for Texas T-bone Steakhouse which gives you $40 to spend in the restaurant for $24. Texas T-Bone Steakhouse has some decent rating online (3.5 on Yelp & Trip Advisor, 4.0 on Google) but the individual reviews are all over the board.  Some really enjoyed their experience while others were very disappointed. There were a number that complained the prices were too high for the food quality, so something to keep in mind.

Finally, there is a Living Social deal for Jimmy’s Urban Bar & Grill in downtown Denver (15th & Blake) giving you $20 for $10. Jimmy’s has some great online reviews, sporting 4 star ratings on Google, Yelp & OpenTable. There was also a write-up in Westword in 2013 at the opening of the restaurant. Sandwiches run about $10-$12, while entrees are about $18 on average, so this Groupon won’t get you too far if you are eating with other people, but it is a good value given the reviews.

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