Indian Restaurant Deals in Denver

Denver-Indian-Restaurant-DealsFrom small, family-owned hole-in-the-wall spots to massive establishments with expansive menus and multiple locations, the mile high city has a wide selection of Indian Restaurants to sample. Denver is home to dozens of Indian restaurants cooking up high quality, great tasting food.

If you’re craving Chicken Tikka Masala, Spinach Paneer, Lamb Korma or any other Indian dish, the Denver Metro area has you covered. With great online offers from discount sites like Yelp, Living Social & Groupon, you can enjoy your favorite Indian dish and save money in the process.  Below are a review of the best online offers to Indian Restaurants in the Denver Area.



India Express
Denver, CO
Living Social Deal: $25 Restaurant Credit for $12 (52% off)  Click here for deal

Living Social has a high value deal for India Express, located on 727 Colorado Blvd (in Congress Park near Trader Joe’s).  The deal is a $13 value, getting you $25 to spend for just $12. The average price of vegetarian dishes at India Express is $10.99, while protein dishes average $14.99. At these prices, the $13 value would cover any vegetarian options, and almost all of the protein options.  While the value of the deal is high, the online ratings for India Express are not.  Google & TripAdvisor users give the restaurant a 3-star rating, while Yelp users rate it as 2.5. There are an alarming number of 1-star reviews on all the review sites we researched.

Deal Grade: “C-“ – Underwhelming reviews about the food diminish the high value of the online deal.


India Tavern
Denver, CO
Groupon Deal: $30 Restaurant Credit for $17 (43% off)

Groupon has an offer for India Tavern, located on Syracuse Street (Tech Center Area).  The online offer gets you $30 to use at the restaurant for $17, a value of $13. The average price of vegetarian dishes at India Tavern is $14, while protein dishes average $17. The Groupon deal won’t cover a meal for two, but should easily cover an individual meal. India Tavern got a “Top of the Town” award from 5280 Magazine, but online reviews from sites like Yelp & Google have been average.  Most of the reviews from Yelp users are in the 2-4 star range, while Google sees similar ratings. So it’s clearly not the best Indian food in Denver, but not the worst.

Deal Grade: “B-“ – Nothing special. The $13 deal value won’t go to far with the higher menu prices.


Royal Clay Oven
Boulder, CO
Living Social Deal: $20 Restaurant Credit for $11 (45% off)  click here for deal

Living Social has an online deal for Royal Clay Oven, located on Arapahoe Road in Boulder.  The offer gets you a $20 credit for $11, netting you $9 in value. Royal Clay Oven is one of the best reviewed Indian restaurants in the Denver metro area, with a 4.5 rating on Google & a 4.0 rating on Yelp. Nearly 85% of their Yelp ratings are either 4 or 5 stars. The average vegetarian dish at Royal Clay Oven costs $10.99 while protein dishes run between $12.99 and $14.99. At these prices, the $9 value won’t go very far at Royal Clay Oven.

Deal Grade: “B” – Any discount off a well reviewed restaurant like Royal Clay Oven is a good value.


Little India
Lakewood, CO
Living Social Deal: $20 Restaurant Credit for $10 (50% off)  click here for deal

For residents in Lakewood, Living Social has an online offer for Little India, located in the Belmar area on Teller Street. The offer gets you $20 to spend at Little India for $10, a value of $10.  The average price of an entree runs between $12.99 and $15.99, so the $20 deal will cover an individual meal and then some. Reviews for Little India are mixed with Google reviews coming in above 4 star, but Yelp reviews coming in at a more modest 3.5.

Deal Grade: “B-“ – Decent value here at a restaurant with above average reviews.